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Welcome to Ivar's (Artemis) Pardus Resources.
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The Fearsome Ship Calculator, a Javascript based ship calculator. Created by Influence D and maintained by Joostier Reegun (Orion).

An online sector census tool. It allows you to plan a sector, including star bases and various planets. You can also save your entry by copying the encoded string to your hard disk.

This tool allows you to calculate the needed resources for building upgrades. You can also compute the profit of your building.

With the help of this tool you can compute the costs of building a ship or any equipment. It will also show you the needed resources for the construction and the difference to the conventional price.

This Greasemonkey script will display the amount of unread notifications from the message pane in the title of the page.

The FWE Helper is also a Greasemonkey script, which will add one or two buttons to your star base or planet trading screen. The star base button will try to sell all your food and water and get the maximum amount of energy, while the two planet buttons will sell your energy and buy either the maximum amount of food or water.

This nifty script enhances the Pardus messages. With the help of this script, you will be able to write a single message to multiple recipients with a single click. If you use this script, then please behave and remember the Pardus Rules against Spamming.

This Greasemonkey script will enhance your Pardus messages and will render the usual smilies to their graphic equivalent, as you know them from the chat screen. Additionally it will allow you to render text as bold or as italic. To do so, use the following syntax: *italic*, **bold** and even ***bold and italic*** text. But remember the recipient has to use this script to see your formatted text.


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Website from Maxi TB containing extensive information about Pardus, as well as downloads and links.

A script that computes the recommended maximums for your building based on your input. Created by Killermist.

A collection of useful tools, image packs, and other links. Created and maintained by Cora.

Maps of all sectors of all Pardus universes, in HTML format. Offers program to help keeping the maps up-to-date. Created by Arnoha.

Another mapper, relying on a Firefox extension to keep the maps up to date. Including a calculator to compute Action Point path costs.

Rhindon's collection of scripts for Greasemonkey.

Rhindon's multi-recipient messager script allows you to send the same message in one step to various recipients.

Several tools on Google Drive. You need to login via a Google Account to access these. Created by Blacksun.